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Dr Oliphant and his staff are the best!!!!!!!
1 week ago
- Debbie P.
Advanced Family Eyecare is awesome and has set a higher standard for my family’s vision care. A daughter’s reading difficulties initially brought us in to see if their Vision Therapy program might help. Their assessment identified what therapy was appropriate for her, identified that she had alignment issues (which had never been screened for adequately in previous vision exams), wrote a prescription with prism to make reading less taxing on her eyes, and she had a few months of therapy to help her reading. Their therapy resolved her reading issues. A second daughter was also found to have double vision alignment issues that were missed by previous eye exams. She now has a prism prescription added to her driving glasses and it makes driving easier for her (especially merging). I also wear glasses/use contact lenses and receive more thorough testing than with previous eye exams. They offered more options to help with my dry eyes and seemed more knowledgeable and explained better than my previous eye doctors. Their office is who I recommend to friends and colleagues and I bet you’ll have a similar stellar experience when you go.
3 weeks ago
- George F.
Dr. O and the staff are the best!
1 month ago
- Steve S.
It is always a pleasure to attend my appointment here. They are all so friendly and Dr. Oliphant is so knowledgeable and personable.
3 months ago
- Pat R.
Every one is pleasant and helpful. What I like most is that they explain what is being done and take time to answer questions.
3 months ago
- Sally S.
Over the years my family has been to many eye doctors. When I ran across this website I decided maybe we needed something new. Even though we would pay out of pocket, I was impressed by the thoroughness of what was described online. We were not disappointed. Both my daughter and I left our appointments understanding much better what is wrong with our eyes and feeling really listened to for once. Thank you to all the staff who helped us! It was definitely worth it.
4 months ago
- Rachele F.
We had a wonderful initial visit with Advanced. It started with a warm welcome when we came through the door. My 8-year-old is definitely anxious in doctor’s offices and they were great about pointing him to “the cave.” From there, Maya did all of his assessments and she was wonderful with him. These were very hard for my son, and you could see his confidence waning and his frustration growing. She was great about encouraging him and telling him that these are hard and he’s doing his best. Then we did the eye screen and she was SO patient. After all of that, enter Dr. Joana. She was again so patient with my little chatterbox who had all the questions and was done with sitting still 2 hours later. She was able to give me same day summary and went over all of our options. She gave us tasks that would immediately help my son and let me know what to expect for next steps. Incredibly patient, kind, thorough, informative. I can’t say enough good about our first experience there. Thank you from the bottom of this nervous mom’s heart. Kindness and patience goes a long way when you are in uncharted territory.
4 months ago
- Sarah N.